When You Think Water, Think Whitaker


Whitaker Engineering leads its clients through the maze of challenges of wastewater treatment, lift stations, sewers, and regulations to create a better wastewater system.


Flooding and erosion are just some of the challenges facing communities. Whitaker Engineering provides practical planning, guidance, and technical services to meet stormwater challenges.


Whitaker Engineering works to minimize water main leaks, meet regulatory water requirements, and avoid unnecessary capital expenditures so owners can fund improvements to grow the customer base.


Whitaker Engineering helps our clients transform their aquatic and fountain facilities into attractive venues or create new ones that quickly become destination points for the community.

Why Choose Us


Whitaker Engineering uses technology and long-range planning to create innovative and practical solutions for our clients. Whether the challenges facing our clients involve operations, financial, facility, or physical shortcoming, our solutions will be tailored to use technology, engineering understanding, and client input to meet the challenges effectively.


Whitaker Engineering’s staff holds degrees from universities and colleges recognized nationally for excellence in engineering. Beyond the educational credentials, staff members hold specialty certifications in water, wastewater, and stormwater. Our staff has presented technical papers at professional seminars involving water-related topics. The educational credentials and certifications have been refined with experience in planning, design, and construction of facilities which operate effectively and efficiently.


Whitaker Engineering encourages input from stakeholders and supports its clients through the entire process. Public input, client conferences, and frequent dialogue are woven into the process for developing solutions for our clients. Whitaker Engineering communicates the sometimes confusing technical aspects in practical and understandable language to be certain that the stakeholders understand the decisions they are making.

Who We Are?


Whitaker Engineering is a corporation specializing in wastewater, stormwater, water, and aquatic projects. Our services can begin anywhere from the planning phase to the construction phase of your project. Our corporate approach is first to help our client define their objectives and the decisions to be made. We are skilled in helping our clients clearly see the impact of the decisions they are considering and selecting the best outcome for the client’s needs.

Our focus is water-related challenges and opportunities. Our clients are both public and private entities. We are experienced in public/private partnerships for projects, where developing an acceptable balance of project cost, benefits, and scope for all parties is critical. We provide engineering services for projects costing from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars.

Our staff holds engineering degrees and significant certifications in the professional fields.   Continuing education occurs every year for all of our employees, providing our clients with qualified expertise in all levels of our organization. Our professional engineers hold licenses in five different states.

Whitaker Engineering will provide innovative, practical solutions that are clearly communicated and professionally delivered to its clients and to the public.